Enrolling your children in a school that they love and knowing that they are being carefully prepared for their best possible future is the natural goal for parents. 

If you are already familiar with Montessori education, you are aware that it is a science validated educational system that uses precisely designed materials that, when independently manipulated by students, engages the senses leaving them with feelings of joyful learning and mastery. Individualised learning path are updated continually by observing and assessing the rhythm of each child’s learning receptivity so they can transition to their next learning milestone with courageous curiosity.

Of course, any School visit can only provide a glimpse of what is available for students.

On a visit to the Montessori School Bali campus, parents can watch six week old babies grasping objects for the first time and adolescent students grasping the concept of quadratic formula applications. Children within the other naturally lit classrooms could be seen sharing freshly baked muffins from the classroom oven or adding to the classroom sounds that range from laughter, singing and clapping to focused, silent concentration. And depending the time of day, children outside could be seen gliding along the zip line past unique play structures designed for specific age groups, enjoying a game of football or basketball, or rising into the air over the jumps on the private BMX track.

What may not be obvious is how much attention is focused on the unseen, the weaving of the personal, social, and emotional interests and development of the children into the activities of the day in order to develop self-awareness, empathy, confidence, and resilience. Since a child’s hidden inner experience is ultimately manifested through their work we see, that is where Montessori education starts. What more would they be willing to try, do, be with such a confident sense of self?