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The Importance of Wearing Helmets

By Jeff Waxman

As you know, MSB has offered previous reminders in the Banner about the school rules on helmet wearing. Taken from the Handbook: “The wearing of motorcycle helmets is mandatory for all motorcycle riders and pillion passengers on school premises.”

We received correspondence from an MSB family recently that we thought was worth sharing: 

“During pick up and drop off, we see new parents coming with their children in a very Balinese style (a whole family of 4 without helmets). While it is a common sight in Bali, I feel the need to try to prevent any tragic thing to happen within our community because of ignorance.

Here are several reasons to remind all MSB families, especially those who may be new to Bali, to wear their helmets: 

  1. Many Indonesians do not participate in eye examinations, even when they may not see clearly. Years ago there was a humanitarian program offering free community check-ups for eye health. Still, there are many on the roads driving with poor eyesight. Couple this with today’s culture of being on the phone while driving and we have a delicious recipe for road accidents. 
  2. Due to the influx tourists and newcomers to Bali, especially around the school, driving has become more dangerous than ever. Many tourists are driving scooters without an understanding of the organized chaos and unwritten rules that are practiced on the street.
  3. As long-term and seasoned Bali dwellers, our family understands the need to wear helmets and we enforce it to our kids. It’s not about the rules, it is about safety, and it becomes more difficult to enforce when they see their friends arriving with no helmets; especially for younger children. 

There are so many unknown variables that can happen on the road that may lead to accidents, big or small. I’m not entirely surprised by a recent series of fatal accidents that have taken place in Jl Raya Canggu and around Canggu. It doesn’t take much for an accident to happen, really.

Thank you for offering this reminder, ( to the MSB Community) not from the administration, but a concerned fellow MSB parent and family… and hoping for a safe, healthy and thriving community of MSB always.

We couldn’t have said it better.

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