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School Safety

By Jeff Waxman

Every year MSB reviews our safety and security measures to see what is working well, where we can improve, and then makes needed changes based on that examination.

As you know, we have adopted some new safety precautions this year:

  1. MSB badges were created to establish which drivers and nannies (or other caregivers) are authorized to pick up your children/students. This program seems to be working very well, and thanks to all of you who have made sure that your staff wear their badges every day when they come to pick up.
  2. The afternoon pickup for Lower and Upper Primary was moved inside the gates to prevent a bit of chaotic energy which we used to see at the carpark/shelter structure when dismissing in previous years. We trust that this new method is now part of your regular routine and from our vantage, it seems to be working well for everyone.
  3. This year we have examined our playground supervision schedule and added an additional staff member at the edge of the play zone, so as to ensure that the children are abiding by and respecting the perimeter of their approved play area (the boundaries). Our daily playground supervision schedule rotates amongst all of the lower and upper primary leads and assistant teachers, the admin team, and even Jeff, so that we all have opportunities to reinforce and remind about limits and rules for playtime.

We are also in the process of working on the following improvements for everyone’s overall safety:

Tomorrow, the Primary team is calling a special all-student Primary assembly (Cempaka, Frangipani, Sandat and Melati) to review policies and procedures for playtime. This will include discussion of school boundaries (where we can and cannot go for playtime), rules regarding our play structures (like climbing equipment, trees, etc.), and overall procedures for govern student behavior, reinforce reporting of any incidents, and help students identify ways to avoid accidents. We will also discuss themes of cooperation over competition, kindness, and couch the conversation around the Montessori principles of respect for self, other and environment. We expect this interactive assembly to help reinforce firm limits; Jeff will help to preside over this all-Primary meeting where all Leads, Assistants, and the Administrative team who help with supervision, will all be present.

Our entire staff will be taking a new safety training course this year that deals with keeping children safe in school settings. This Professional Development course will be offered to our classroom and administrative staff over the coming months as we are able to schedule everyone for their training modules (from Oct – Jan). This particular training deals with abuse, neglect (signs and symptoms), as well as body safety, helping children to respect the boundaries of their bodies, ensuring staff awareness of body safety, etc. We are very excited to be able to offer this additional Professional Development awareness training for all staff at MSB.

In addition to all of that, you may not be aware that we employ 10 full-time security staff who work all day from sunrise to sundown (and overnight) to ensure we are safe and sound here at school every day.

Finally, on the topic of school safety, Anom has asked me to remind each of you about a few points related to everyone’s safety on campus:

  1. Please always ride and drive slowly when approaching the parking entrance, and please continue to ride slowly when you enter the school grounds. It keeps the dust down, and, during the rainy season, helps to ensure there are no accidents due to muddy conditions. Of course it just makes it safer for everyone.
  2. Anom also mentioned that MSB is going to be repairing the edge of our property at Jl. Raya Semat to facilitate safe entry to campus. This will happen sometime from October to December. In the meantime he asks that you drive slowly, especially if coming in on a scooter, and make your entry on an angle, not head on, to ensure your safe entry.
  3. Anom and the security team also remind you to please DO NOT pick up or drop off on Gang Anggrek or in front of school, to avoid traffic and dangerous crossing for children. We prefer you use the pickup and drop off areas in the car park so that our team can safely escort you and your children across the street. If you have caregivers who pickup and drop off, please offer them this reminder as well.

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