Primary Programme


For children aged 6 to 12 years

Our aim at Montessori School Bali for children during the Primary years is for them to take their learning further than they think is possible. 

The Montessori approach in our Primary classrooms, as in our Preschool classrooms, is designed to foster a love of learning, independence, respect and creativity that will stay with children into adulthood. 

What happens in our Primary classrooms

Our Primary Programme is for children aged approximately 6 to 12 years old. It runs Monday to Friday, 8:30am till 3:00pm.

We want our Primary students to become completely engrossed in what they are doing as they seek to go further and deeper into topics they become fascinated with. We call this big work, and our goal is for children to always be involved in big work. As an example, children might decide to make a topographical map of a particular country they are studying. The work that goes into this requires integrating knowledge from various areas of the curriculum plus having a good understanding of what they are doing so they can apply it to a new learning area. We encourage the crosspollination of ideas. 
Lessons are usually presented to groups of four or five students who are then encouraged to work collaboratively with their peers. The mentoring structure of Montessori classrooms continues, contributing to a deeper understanding of subjects and a strengthened classroom community.

Social development is interwoven into all aspects of the curriculum. The academic programme is grounded in language, arts, mathematics, science and geography and enhanced by music, physical education, visual art, drama and the Indonesian language. This interdisciplinary academic programme enables studies in one area, such as Egyptian society, to cross over and inspire lessons in related subjects, such as geometry. Montessori-trained guides maintain their awareness of the strengths and challenges of each student through observation, and regularly meet one-on-one with children for conferences to ensure their continued progress.

Our Primary students are responsible for keeping their classroom in pristine condition. Each student has a particular job to contribute to this. These are usually done at the end of each day. Jobs include dusting shelves, cleaning the kitchen, sweeping and mopping floors, checking classroom supplies and watering plants, ensuring the laundry is cleaned and ironed etc. A student monitor oversees that the jobs have been done. The idea is that through being responsible for their space, students come to take pride and form an attachment to the room and their community.

Students begin to organise their own field trips during Lower Primary, expanding their learning resources to include their greater community. Permission is sought from parents for significant field trips, but at this age children also start to organise going outs, which are less ambitious trips that align with and inform the work the children are doing in the classroom.

Lower Primary

Our Lower Primary Programme caters for children aged six to nine years old. In this age group, children start to become interested in the ideas and contributions of others, working together in self-organised activities while seeking to understand the world around them and their role within it. Children study all the things you would expect them to learn at any traditional school, but the way they learn is different. The Five Great Lessons, a cornerstone of Montessori education covering subjects ranging from the creation of the universe to the development of language and numbers, are presented at the beginning of each year in every Montessori primary classroom. This sets the children off on a great adventure as they wrap their minds around how our universe came to be and how it functions, in ancient times as well as more modern.

Upper Primary

Curiosity among children in the Upper Primary age group, from nine to 12, continues to grow, as does the importance of social connections and a desire for greater independence. The Five Great Lessons continue to be presented each year, but in more depth and detail as the students have already covered the basics in Lower Primary. Computers are introduced and are used to support the research and the presentation of selected research topics.


As children enter this intellectual period, they are presented with a rich academic curriculum


Maintains children’s engagement with the natural environment


Trained guide is always within the garden’s prepared environment


The joy of discovery and accomplishment help to embed understanding


Lower primary summary in a nutshell


Maintains children’s engagement with the natural environment


Trained guide is always within the garden’s prepared environment


The joy of discovery and accomplishment help to embed understanding

Music & Art

Lower primary summary in a nutshell


The 5 Great lessons, which cover subjects ranging from the start of the universe to the development of language and numbers, are presented for the second time in the upper primary classroom. Montessori trained guides build on the student’s established familiarity with the stories and utilise the children’s growing awareness, understanding and intellect to delve deeper into each subject. With their broader world view and multicultural classroom, students are able to explore, not only the many topics that branch out from these lessons, but ideological differences between cultures. Computers are introduced at this level and are used to support the research and the presentation of selected research topics.

Class Activity

Our Classes

Early Learning hours are from 9am to 3/3.30pm. Before School Care is available from 7.30am onwards, and After School Care is available until 6pm. At IGS, care is also available during vacation periods, from 7.30am to 6pm

Other Programmes

Montessori School Bali offers programmes for children from birth through to 12 years of age.

Infant Community
Infant Community

We offer several programmes for children aged from birth through to 18 months, but these are currently suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Lower Primary

Our Preschool Programme offers children aged from three to six years of age a solid foundation for their future academic, social and emotional lives.