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MSB Featured Employee: Winayanti (Teacher Assistant – Preschool Outdoor Classroom)

By Jeff Waxman

Introducing Wina, the force behind the Preschool Outdoor Program at Montessori School Bali.

Let’s find out more about Wina and her time here at MSB:

Q : Can you share your experience working at MSB?  What drew you to this educational approach, and how has your role evolved over the years? 

A : I joined Montessori School Bali in 2004 as an Assistant Teacher for 3-6 year-olds. I love Montessori philosophy and I love working with children.

Q : You received training as a Montessori Assistant Teacher at the Primary level. What was that like, and what excited you most about the training?

A : After working as an Assistant Teacher for more than 15 years, it was a great way to refresh my mind and it also allowed me to meet other Montessori teachers from around the world and to share my experiences with the other participants.

Q : Tell us about your work as a Teacher Assistant for Preschool Outdoor Classroom at MSB?

A : It is a great experience for me as a Coordinator of the Outdoor Program. I can learn more about nature, zoology, botany and also Balinese culture and then I get to share all that I learn with my students. We also work in the area of gross motor skill development in the Outdoor environment. 

Q : How do you believe incorporating outdoor activities into the daily routine enriches the overall Montessori experience for preschool children?

A : This program links the work that the children do inside the classroom with their ability to move freely into the outdoors, still making mindful choices, selecting work that is interesting to them, and then returning work to the shelf for the next person. It also keeps them in contact with nature here at the school. 

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