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MSB Featured Employee: Pak Yoga (Senior Technician)

By Jeff Waxman

This week’s featured MSB employee is none other than Pak Yoga, our Senior Technician. Yoga’s job responsibilities are varied. They include ensuring the seamless operation of our school’s technological/electrical and other general building infrastructure – from power supply to building maintenance, air conditioning, classroom computers and communication lines, etc.

We caught up with Pak Yoga recently to ask him about what he does as the school’s Senior Technician.

Q:         Please share a bit about your role as a Senior Technician in Montessori School Bali.

A :        I joined Montessori School Bali in 2019. My role here is to ensure that all electronic equipment in the school functions and operates properly. I am also in charge of day to day controlling and monitoring of not only equipment and devices but also other building infrastructure. I fully support classrooms with AC installation and maintenance, and working together with the ground manager for projects, maintenance and innovation. 

Q:        What are some of the typical tasks and responsibilities you handle on a day-to-day basis within the school?

A:         I carry out maintenance and repairs on all electrical, mechanical, plumbing (MEP) and utility systems as well as devices like phones, air con units, refrigerators, stoves, water heaters and dispensers etc. used within the classroom so that they operate properly every day. I also support IT when there are issues with the server or computers and other devices.

Q:        What is the most challenging part of your job ?

A:        I would say working on the very high rooftops at MSB and navigating the steep angle of the roof while doing maintenance. Of course safety always comes first. 

Q:        What are your favorite moments at MSB related to your job?

A:         I really like when we are hosting the Twilight Market – there’s so many jobs that I have to handle but it’s lots of fun. It’s nice to help the PTA to prepare for the event and see the result when everything runs well and people are enjoying the event.

 Thank you, Yoga, for everything you do behind the scenes to make the school run smoothly every day! 

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