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MSB Featured Employee: Pak Reinal (Chief of Security)

By Jeff Waxman

If there were a contest at Montessori School Bali to see who could name the most students in the school, this guy would undoubtedly win! Pak Reinal is also the smiling, friendly face who welcomes students and families to MSB every morning. Children, parents and care givers look forward to Reinal’s smiling face, his “high fives” and his friendly demeanor as each morning. We feel lucky to have him.

Pak Reinal joined the MSB team in May 2006 and we sat down recently with him to talk about his 17 years at Montessori School Bali.

Q: Pak Reinal, can you tell us about your background and experience in security? How did you become a school security guard?

A: “I was born and raised in Jakarta, and I moved to Bali seeking new opportunities for work. I was working in a security company when I received information that MSB needed a head of security to manage their security team.”

Q: What motivated you to work as a security guard in a school environment specifically?

A: “Since I worked at MSB, I realize that I like to meet people, especially children and to create a safe and secure environment for children, teachers, and staff, contributing to the overall well-being of the school community. That makes the job more rewarding and enjoyable.”

Q: Could you describe a typical day in your role as a school security guard? What are your primary responsibilities?

A: “Providing instructions, organizing a security team and providing good service. It’s important to provide a sense of security in MSB and its surroundings. I also ensure the MSB is maintained and well-supervised by the security team. Becoming the chief of security guard, I also ensure all operating procedures are being followed correctly and efficiently.”

Q: At MSB, the safety of children is of paramount importance. How do you balance the need for security with creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere where students feel safe, but not overly controlled?

A: “I always keep the rules and directions in mind, staying focused and alert but also trying to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.”

Q: What do you find satisfying in your work at Montessori School Bali?

A: “Meeting and greeting everyone, doing my job well, and completing work on time.”

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