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MSB Featured Employee: Pak Made (Housekeeping Supervisor)

By Jeff Waxman

Today we would like to introduce you to Pak Made, our Housekeeping Supervisor. Beyond the gleaming verandahs and spotless classrooms is a story of tireless commitment. Our housekeeping staff, led by Pak Made, ensure that our classrooms and offices are not only pristine but also welcoming and ready to receive students, families and teachers.

The hard work of our housekeeping team does not go unnoticed.

Q: Made, what is your title and how long have you been working in your role at our school?

A: My title is Housekeeping Supervisor. I started to work at Montessori School Bali in July 2005, so I am in my 18th year.

Q: Can you walk us through a typical day? What are your primary responsibilities?

A: My responsibility is to guide and direct the housekeeping team on how to work efficiently and effectively so that everything is very clean. But I also help them daily. I am responsible for monitoring incoming/outgoing housekeeping supplies, for example cleaners and other equipment for work. I also handle weekly shopping and shopping for any supplies for events.

Q: How do you coordinate with teachers, administrators, and other school staff to address specific cleaning needs or concerns?

A: Usually, in my experience, it goes well because the teachers and teacher assistants coordinate with me directly about problems or things they need. And also, if there are events at school, I first coordinate with the teacher and assistant about the room and also get instruction from Anom.

Q; In a Montessori school, children are expected to help clean and maintain the classrooms. How do you do your job so that the children still feel they are keeping their classrooms tidy and clean?

A: To keep the classroom neat and tidy, we make sure that the children have time in the work cycle to do their cleaning jobs. They have their own tools for this. And then our staff comes in after the school day to make sure everything is truly deep-cleaned and ready for the next day.

Q: What brings you satisfaction in your job at MSB? What is your favorite part of being on the housekeeping team?

A: The problem of satisfaction is a matter of the heart. What is clear is that from the past and until now I have worked at Montessori School Bali, I feel comfortable working in this place and my satisfaction at work is a feeling of belonging. If there is a sense of ownership in the company, there will automatically be a sense of responsibility at work. My favourite time as a member of the housekeeping team was getting to help with the “Ogoh-ogoh” parade, making kites on Peace Day, and helping to prepare for events like the PTA Twilight Market.

Thank you Made, for being such a great employee!

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