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MSB Dress Code

By Jeff Waxman

As you know, our school has a dress code that is articulated in the Parent Handbook. It’s about promoting a clean, comfortable and modest look that supports your child in worktime and playtime. We know it can be challenging sometimes when your child wants to express their fashion sense while you are trying as the parent to balance that with what is appropriate for their age and development. We hope that referring back to the school policies for dress will help you to help your child make decisions that are in good taste and deemed appropriate for school! It’s hot here in Bali, and it’s always worth a reminder so that we can all be mindful and help the children to be successful in their clothing choices.


Ease of movement and use are key. The child needs to be able to manage their clothes in the bathroom, or be able to change if they get dirty or wet. Elasticised waists and loose-fitting clothing are best. Avoid difficult-to-use buttons or buckles. Children’s clothes need to allow freedom of movement. This help prevent unnecessary toilet accidents and promotes the child’s independence. Please have all clothing clearly labelled with the child’s name.


Footwear needs to be sensible. For school this means flat shoes or sport sandals. Slip-on shoes can be a hazard so are not suitable. Primary students can store a pair in their cubbies to be used for short trips, for example, to and from yoga or music classes. Children wearing closed shoes are advised to wear socks with them to absorb sweat and reduce the odor from bare feet in the classroom. Children playing sports need to wear appropriate footwear, such as trainers/sneakers.


Jewellery should not be worn to school as it is easily lost or broken. Jewellery items can also be a safety hazard if caught while playing on outdoor equipment. Only small studs or sleepers for children with pierced ears are acceptable. Primary children may wear a small functioning watch. Costume jewellery is not permitted.


*Short-or long-sleeved tops or shirts with shorts, pants or leggings;
*Mid-thigh length (or just above the knee) shorts, dresses or skirts (no short shorts or skirts). A good rule of thumb is to have shorts, skirts or dresses coming down to the bottom of the child’s fingertips; and
*Dresses and tops may be sleeveless but must have covered shoulders
* Straps should be three of the child’s fingers in width.


* Backless dresses are not suitable.
* Low-cut, transparent, halter, singlet, racer-back or spaghetti-strapped tops/dresses are not permitted.
* Short shorts are not suitable. Again: A good rule of thumb is to have shorts, skirts or dresses coming down to the bottom of the child’s fingertips


Children spend at least half an hour outside in the sun. For this reason, it is important that every child has a hat to shield their face and neck, and that their clothing covers them well. Our current policy is: “No hat, no play.” Hats may not be worn in the classroom. Student’s bodies should be covered from shoulder to mid-thigh, with no bare skin in between. Please apply sunscreen upon/prior to arrival in the morning.

It is always a good idea to limit your child’s clothing choices to 2-3 maximum. It also helps when you choose those 2-3 items, and then the options are already things that you deem acceptable. Then you can offer the choice: “Would you like to wear this, this, or this tomorrow?”

Thank you for helping us make sure students come to school in clothing that helps to create a calm, uncluttered, peaceful and safe atmosphere for everyone at MSB.

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