Maria Montessori’s Birthday Celebrations

By Lisa Wiking

At the end of the 19th century, Dr. Maria Montessori refined methods and materials within a model classroom to educate children once considered uneducable. She believed that greater peace was achievable in a society when children grew up feeling confident, competent and considerate and that starts when we can look beyond circumstance to recognise the potential in each child. Yesterday marked Dr. Maria Montessori’s birthday and after 150 years, her vision for mankind has never been more relevant.

In honour of this remarkable woman, every year, each classroom pays tribute to her life and teachings in different ways. This may include drawing and colouring the flag and map of Italy. Learning “Happy Birthday” in Italian and listening to a short story of Dr. Maria Montessori’s work. They have written songs and poetry in Maria Montessori’s honour, and performed together. Celebrated by learning about Montessori’s history and methodology to gain perspective on the reasons why things are done in a particular way within the Montessori classroom environment.

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