Enrolment Flow

Are you interested in Montessori School Bali?

We ask all interested parents to first come and observe our classrooms. The Montessori Method is different to mainstream schools and we would like prospective parents to see it all in action before they apply.

Enrolment Flow

Submit enquiry

Send us your enquiry by filling in our form.


Visit us or let’s chat!

We will contact you to schedule an observation session or, if you are abroad, an online call.

During our observation sessions, we visit our Preschool, Lower Primary and Upper Primary classrooms so you can observe the Montessori Method in action.

If you live overseas so you cannot come for an observation ahead of applying to enrol, we can set up a Skype interview with our principal instead.


Submit application form and fee

Submit application

For your child to be added to our waiting pool, an application form may be submitted after attending your observation session, or after an online chat if you are abroad.


Pay application fee

The application fee must also be received before the application process starts. Send your transfer receipt to the school. Please see the banking details below and be sure to include your child’s name in the details.

Bank Negara Indonesia 46

004 640 2572

a/n Yayasan Pendidikan Cili Bali

Cabang Legian-Kuta, Jl. Legian, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia



Attend an interview or trial
  • Preschool children will have an interview to meet their teacher before they start in the classroom. No trials are offered at this level.
  • Primary children who have not attended a Montessori school in the past must attend a one-week trial to be sure the Montessori classroom will be the best environment to support their development. Children will be asked to write a letter to their new teacher to introduce themselves. They will also be asked to submit their last two school reports. If the fit is good, a letter of offer will be sent by email towards the end of the trial week.
  • Adolescent Programme applicants will meet with the teacher for an interview to be sure the Programme is a good fit for them. They will also be asked to submit a handwritten letter and their last two school reports. No trials are offered at this level.


Final Admission Acceptance