Detailed fees – Preschool Programme (Full day)

Tuition & Fees

Preschool Programme (TK) – Full day

From around three years to around six years

Mondays to Fridays, 8:30 am–3:00 pm

Application fee

Rp. 2.000.000 (First Child)
Rp. 1.000.000 (Subsequent Child)

Not payable if child coming from a younger programme

Detailed Fees


Rp 13.500.000 For first child
Rp 11.500.000 For each subsequent child

(Paid one time only, upon a child’s enrollment)

Capital Development Levy (per year)

Rp 11.000.000

Total annual tuition fee

Rp. 135.027.360 (Rp. 33.756.840 per term for four terms)

Annual tuition if paid in advance (5% discount)

Rp. 128.275.992

Annual tuition, including CDL, if paid by term:

Rp. 146.027.360

Annual tuition, including CDL, if paid full year in advance

Rp. 139.275.992

Note that new students may be staggered to begin over the first weeks of a term based on date of birth. No discounts are offered in this case.

Fee due dates for 2024 – 2025

Full year payment (5% discount on tuition plus CDL): May 17, 2024

Term 1 + CDL

May 17, 2024

Term 2

September 06, 2024

Term 3

November 22, 2024

Term 4

February 21, 2025

Sibling discount

For children currently attending MSB, 5% discount for the second child, 7.5% for the third child, 10% for the fourth child. Discount applicable only if fees paid by due date.

Term dates

Term 1 : 5th August 2024 to 11th October 2024

Term 2 : 21st October 2024 to 13th December 2024

Term 3 : 13th January 2025 to 21st March 2025

Term 4 : 7th April 2025 to 13th June 2025