Detailed fees – Preschool Programme (Morning)

Tuition Fees

Preschool Programme (TK) – Morning

From around three years to around six years

Mondays to Fridays, 8:30 am–midday

Application fee

Rp 1.000.000

Not payable if your child is coming from our Infant/Toddler programme.

Detailed Fees


Rp 12.000.000For first child
Rp 10.000.000For each subsequent child

(one-off payment, payable if student has not already paid in the Toddler Programme)

Capital Development Levy (per year)

Rp 6.750.000

Total annual tuition fee

Rp 105.408.000 (Rp 26.352.000 per term for four terms)

Annual tuition if paid in advance (5% discount)

Rp 100.137.600

Annual tuition, including CDL, if paid by term:

Rp 112.158.000

Annual tuition, including CDL, if paid full year in advance

Rp 106.887.600

Please note that new students may be staggered to begin over the first two weeks of a term based on date of birth. No discounts are offered in this case.

Fee due dates for 2022 – 2023

Full year payment (5% discount on tuition plus CDL): April 29, 2022

Term 1 + CDL

April 29, 2022

Term 2

September 02, 2022

Term 3

November 18, 2022

Term 4

February 17, 2023

Sibling discount

For children currently attending MSB, 5% discount for the second child, 7.5% for the third child, 10% for the fourth child. Discount applicable only if fees paid by due date.

Term dates

Term One: Monday, August 8 to Friday, October 7 (full year 2022-2023 or Term One fees due April 29, 2022)

Term Two: Monday, October 17 to Friday, December 16 (fees due September 02, 2022)

Term Three: Monday, January 16 to Thursday, April 6 (fees due November 18, 2022)

Term Four: Monday, April 17 to Friday, June 16 (fees due February, 17 2023)