After Montessori Bali

After Montessori Bali

Montessori Bali will be uniquely prepared for Students next academic challenge as well as for success beyond academia.

We understand that all children attending Montessori Bali will leave at some point. They may be transitioning into another institution for personal or geographic reasons, but while at Montessori Bali they will be uniquely prepared for their next academic challenge as well as for success beyond academia. Our focus is on nurturing each part of a child’s unique character so that when they do leave, they will leave more confident and independent, with greater social, creative and academic skills.

While Montessori Bali maintains high academic standards, and students have successfully integrated into schools offering University of Cambridge, IB and Australian curricula, we realise that academic capability is only one of the valuable assets that our students carry with them into the rest of their lives.

How they work collaboratively with others, sometime called people skills or soft skills, are core elements that are intentionally developed at Montessori Bali. From strong work ethics through to communication skills and problem solving to conflict resolution, these recognised skills become defining character traits that support future success. For example, children receive specific lessons in conflict resolution at the primary level and guided role-play is used to further reinforce these techniques. A more complete list of skills, along with examples of how they are developed can be found in our Integrated Features section.

Because confident self awareness is the most important characteristic for both career and personal success, Montessori Bali focuses on nurturing each child’s emerging personality. The guide’s recognition and encouragement of individual personal strengths helps to increase self confidence and feelings of social value. We guide students to see the most positive view of themselves, which leads to greater personal expression and the confidence to take leadership roles in their areas of strength. Students also enjoy the freedom, and opportunities, to expressively apply themselves. Primary level research projects are commonly blended with crafts to create exciting presentations and the bi-weekly Arts Café programme provides a further opportunity for students to present any act before their class mates.

No matter which direction our students take when they leave Montessori Bali we are happy knowing they will be traveling with a greater awareness to recognise, confidence to follow, and skills to succeed on, their own unique path.